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Since 1991 I’ve been writing and updating guidebooks, mainly for Bradt Travel Guides and the Rough Guides, and spending my summers leading hikers in the Alps for a rather upmarket American company. I’ve always jotted down notes and corrections in the margins of my guidebooks (and now digitally too), and this blog is largely about capturing and passing on those little nuggets of information that have caught my attention but that don’t fit into a guidebook, or background material that takes my fancy. I’ll also add updates about museums reopening after refurbishment, new metro lines and so on that I’ve heard about since visiting.

You won’t be getting long descriptive passages of cool places from me; I tend to be pretty concise, and in any case I don’t aim to say much or anything at all about things that are already covered by guidebooks.

Yes, I lead hiking trips, but I also love cities and culture (sorry, I’m unashamedly highbrow), and there’ll be more on that in this blog than on the mountains. Still, I promise to post photos of gorgeous scenery from time to time.

If you really want to know more, see here.

There are a few posts in this colour, which are by Katy who is no longer involved with the blog, alas.

 Tim Burford


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