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Discounts & Disclaimer


The information that we have published on our website - are correct to the best of our knowledge. For the published details, we dependn on our travel suppliers and their official websites to make sure that the information is correct and current. However, due to the dynamic nature of the travel industry and market complexity, the fares are subject to change and we may further implement these changes in the uploaded data without informing in advance.

Website Disclaimer

In case there is a harm, injury or loss that occurs because you relied on the information uploaded on our website, we cannot be held responsible for the same. This applies to all the links on our website and if incase you re-route to a third-party website from our site.

Discount Policy

Any discount provisions or offers that run on Travel Unravel changes according to the market determinants and policies. This includes the date of booking, the time of travel, the blackout dates or any pre-defined notices. When you claim discounts or savings on the tickets or services purchased with us, the fares may change without any prior information. Whenever you claim discounts and savings with us, we do a proper due dilligence and assessment before confirming the offered fare.


When you make a booking with Travel Unravel, we want you to be sure about the booking process you undergo with us. Under our Price Match Policy, in case you come across a lower offered price on a major OTA within 24-hours of booking with us, we will match the same price or refund you the difference in the amount. We will conduct a verification process and after that do the needful (refund the amount or match the price). Post the verification process, you are entitled to cancel your bookings with us and we will issue a complete refund to you.

This constitutes our Price Match Promise or“PMP”
Do you still have some queries? Here are some answers:

What's meant by 'the same itinerary'?

When we say 'the same itinerary', it means that all the elements of the itinerary should match with our offered itinerary. This includes flight number, airline carrier, date of departure and return, the type of seat and the number of travellers.

What's meant by 'offered and available for booking'?

When we say 'offered and available for booking', we mean that the same fare is displayed on one of the major competitor OTAs and is still available to book. When our customer service agents verify the price match policy, the same will be checked by our service providers.

How to notify us for a PMP if you find a lower price?

You can raise a query for PMP by reaching out to us on 0203-588-8444 and inform us regarding your booking reference number along with the pre-requisite details of the lower-priced deal offered to you including flights, airlines, itinerary, date and seat type. Additionally, you will also be required to give us all the URLs or screenshots to verify the deal. Our travel experts will check all the details and verify the same. They hold all the rights to deny your claims reasonably post verification process is complete. After completing the verification process, our representatives can confirm PMP and offer you the option to book with a refund of the difference or cancel the booking with a full refund.

What are the exceptions for the Price Match Policy?

The policy is not considered valid for fares which are displayed under membership program websites, group, incentive, meeting, charter, convention, rewards program, consolidator fares, and other corporate discounts. This also includes any fares including redemption of coupons or any other kind of offers that are not available for the general public. Military, student, tour operator, government, vacation package, bulk, or 'Web-Only' fares can also not be included. The policy will not be applicable for “opaque” tickets. Opaque tickets are the ones where booking information is not disclosed until after purchase or for tickets issued under an “auction” or “bidding” model.


We at Travel Unravel may offer promo codes that are applicable for online travel bookings. However, some specific codes are call-only and can be redeemed by reaching out to our customer helpline centre.

To receive updates regarding the offers and promo codes we encourage all our users to sign up to our newsletters and receive the codes on their emails. The promo codes that we run on Travel Unravel are not eligible for transfers, selling or barter and they have no cash value.

You are required to enter valid promo code in the link on the payment page to get the discounted amount. If you fail to enter the code, you cannot redeem any discount.

We have the right to revise or withdraw the promo code offers at any time without any prior notice.

We do not offer any recourse for technical errors leading to non-applicability of promo codes, except for your right to desist from going ahead with the purchase. In case we withdraw the offer, the promo code will become invalid and the website won’t accept any promo code entered while making the payment.

The displayed price (with/without promo code) is the billing amount. Under no circumstances will there be any credits or discounts that are applicable post the purchase.

We have the right to reject the transaction with an error in promo code even after you have completed the booking and issuance receipt has been emailed.