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Cookies Policy


How are we gathering information and the best way to utilize cookies?

When you browse our site, and our online services, ie., our mobile application, you agree that we are permitted to access cookies and store your website address. With these cookies and different methods of gathering your information improves your browsing experience. This also includes knowing the gadget type that you used to get to our site and your geolocation (know 'How we gather and utilize geo-location?')

What do we mean by ‘cookies'?

The micro files records on the gadget installed by the websites you have browsed or the email you received are known as cookies. These cookies are utilized to make the website user-friendly and permit the owners of the website business with marketing details of interest of the user.


To save the chosen language and the country from where you have accessed our webpage are memorized by the cookies. The place of the departure airport is extracted out because of the installed data of the cookies.

Also, during the process of booking if you are in the half then the installed cookies will make you return to the booking page.

When do we use cookies?

The reason for access:

Technical - The cookies are only for technical purposes and this has led to an efficient working of Website’s traffic is maintained with help of cookies to make sure that a reliable and consistent service is given to you as a user. To grant limited access to the users of the key parts of the site that leads to better performance levels.

When you accept our Privacy Policy, the cookies stored automatically accept the terms and conditions of the website without which you will not be given the access.

Ease of Use:

As a user, a better use of is granted with the access of cookies. Example, to: Memorize the language and the country to present relevant information to the user. Keep the details of the departure of the airport for the booked flight.


The cookies are used to collect information on how you navigate on our site. For example, to note the feedback from the customer regarding their satisfaction through access to the survey. In-depth analysis of the way the user accesses the website to enhance the UI/ UX of the site and its use.


The cookies used enables us the message sharing with the user. For example,

All the pages of are available for marketing.

The information received on the website also accelerates the credit card offers.

Third party agencies may display advertising material and track its effectiveness.

Send messages to offer products that are dependent on the web pages viewed by you and the ones that the agency presents when you visit other websites.

If you want to opt out of kind of ads, you can visit

NOTE: If the cookies are deleted by you, we will not have the ability to access you the fact that you have opted out, so you might continue to see our marketing banners from the third-party agency when you visit certain websites.

How to deny the consent to use of cookies?

You may choose to not accept the use of cookies by changing your browser setting (Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer). If you have chosen to not to permit this use of cookies, then certain pages on our website might load and function properly.

For more information regarding ‘how to withdraw the use of cookies’, you can refer to the ‘Help’ section of your browser or read further about it on

What do we mean by online advertising or interest-based advertising?

When we say online advertising or interest-based advertising, it is a to present ads on the website when you visit them and make them more relevant depending on your interests.

People grouped together is because of the common interests and it depends on their browsing history and activities. You have displayed these ads according to your behaviour similar to your shared interests. Advertising according to this is more relevant and useful for users. Ads relevant for you are based on the website content that you browse. It is also called retargeting.

To know more about retargeting, refer to

How can you opt out of online behavioural advertising?

There are several websites that help you in the process of opting out of online behavioural advertising from third-party agencies that work on this advertising model for website publishers. The websites are and

NOTE: Opting out will not result in:

Advertising will stop showcasing about’s product and services on our own website and won’t be in accordance with your interest. All online behavioural advertising will stop as it will apply to the 3rd party vendors who have opted for services.

There won’t be any other kind of advertising on the website or any other website that you might access. However, there’s a possibility, you will see less relevant ads based on your interest.

Additionally, deleting the cookies will make you opt out for preferences so you are not required to opt out again.